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社団法人 日本殺陣道協会
会長 八木哲夫

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In the past, “Tate” or the art of Japanese sword flighting was considered as a special technique only for stage and/or movie actors, and for students in acting school. The art has been seen as refined movements in acting; but it also includes graceful manners, appropriate behaviors, harmonious movements with others, proper conduct in behavior and attitudes, and respecting others involved. In the end, the art teaches us a moral principle – or “Do” in Japanese – to discipline our souls and spirit.
At Japan Tate-do Association, we emphasize the “Do” aspect of the art, and introducing “Tate Do” to general public. Through practicing the art of “Tate Do” with us, we sincerely hope for practitioners of the art to advance their appreciation toward traditional Japanese culture.


Name Japan swordfight Road Association
Location 〒550-0014 Nishi-ku, Osaka Kitahorie 1-1-27 Imaibiru third floor
TEL 06-6536-8048
FAX 06-6536-8049
Chairman Yagi Tetuo(八木哲夫)
board of directors Nakanishi Tooru(中西徹) Baba Shounan(馬場昭南) Shiraki Yumi(白木由美) Ootaki Tetuo(大瀧哲雄) Tuzimura Hiroshi(辻村博志) Huruyama akihiko (古山明彦)
Business Dissemination vertical
Management of the Association
Business for the region
Qualification issue of technology teaching
Education of South-pointing chariot
Customers performance of overseas

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Nearest station
Only one minute by foot from Yotsubashi Station (Subway Yotsubashi Line), Exit 3.
4 minutes by foot from Shinsai bashi Station (Subway Midosuji Line), Exit 7.

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